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Michi's jingle challenge...
  • michimichi May 2018
    Hello fellow anoraks..

    This recording is from a telephone joke line called Zzygot that ran in the late 1970s and early 1980s in the Los Angeles and Philadelphia areas. They lifted pieces of jingles to use in their own ID. This cut was recorded over the telephone many years ago so the quality is not that great:

    I am trying to identify the cuts (and that potential client(s) that used them) on the first and last piece of this piece... I know the last piece of this cut is a TM package for which the name escapes me right now (I thought I had heard it one time for WCFL)..

    I know the "all American" was a PAMS sono... (it might have been from the "backstage at PAMS" outtake version that went "All American.. Mother F-er".

    My goal is to get these cuts in better quality in an attempt to reconstruct this intro piece.

    Any help from the jingle junction would be gratefully appreciated.


  • mbmb May 2018
    I'm sure its a BIG10 WCFL - I thought it might be in sound 70's but It's not - might be Charisma , Phase 2 or the beat goes on
  • michimichi May 2018
    Looks like the last cut is from TM's Charisma. Now to find the station that had the lyric "listen to the fun"...
  • Just for those who are'nt old enough to know what classic TM Productions package/track Michi is referring to...

    Small bonus - a bit of Trella Hart for those who thought she only worked for PAMS!
  • Close but no bullseye, WAUG "where the listenings fun" in at 6:17

  • OK! maybe not the bullseye, but at least Double Top...

    In the short comparison above, after the WAUG acapella, definately into Charisma territory
    as can be heard

    To be fair, TM stuff at that time was very incestuous - lots of cross-over of cut writing/production
    between Top 40, MOR, etc, and a LOT of composite re-sing bundles, as well as very similar cuts
    "custom" for pilot stations such as WCFL Chicago, WNBC New York, and so on.

    As well as a huge percentage of TM jingles back then (*cough*) "reflecting" the "sound" of current hits
    of the time (in other words- incredibly "similar" lets just say)!
    Ironically 40+ years later we now know Timberlake reverse ripped off a TM Rhtym of the City cut.

    Some of the KenR Collector CDs have some excellent examples of the TM state-of-the-art back then,
    especially composites.

    PS - great quality on that WAUG dub Neil !
  • michimichi June 2018
    Yes, it seems like there is a slight key difference between the two. I have taken the KLIF and WAUG versions of the cut and mashed them together to construct it, but the trained ear can definitely tell there is a difference.
  • michimichi June 2018
    With the TM jingles and some other elements, I was able to reconstruct most of the original cut. (Still trying to identify the very first piece that sounds like "ball park!" or something like that)..