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JAM's Really Nice resing
  • Here's an overview of all JAM 'Really Nice' cuts we had resung for Radio Noord in 2001. It was the sequel to 'It's Nice' and 'Very Nice' two years earlier, by Top Format. The station boosted to a smashing 36% market share back then.

    The lyrics 'Radio Noord waar je Groningen hoort' mean 'Radio Noord were you here Groningen', a poetic way to say that anything that happens in our area, can be found at the station.
  • To me, the WNIC Detroit (once upon a time the legendary WKNR by the way) "Nice" JAM packages were the last of the
    "traditional lots of big brass" yet very modern with that very strong drum/rhythm section JAM "MOR" packages.

    Hard to believe how old those cuts are now. Yet they DO still "sound good"! :^)
  • I agree Iain. These cuts still do a great job. They have 'momentum' and are memorable. Todays branding is strongly integrated into the songs, but doesn't stand out so strongly. The pace and flow may be better, the branding itself is not. It doesn't have the emotionality anymore these days...
  • ratnobratnob May 22
    Magnificent re-sings of a magnificent package.