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Unique Personal Cut
  • tcruise3tcruise3 May 2018
    Hi everyone. I just wanted to share my latest personal cut because frankly, there isn't another group of people that can appreciate it as much as ya'll (yes, I'm in Texas).
    In working with Jon on this cut, he told me that I'm the first and only person to order a syndicated version of this jingle. I hope you all enjoy it.

    Here are two links. The first one is to SoundCloud with just the audio. The second is to YouTube with the cheesy video I made to accompany it.

  • That is brilliant Terry (and the Video!)
    Bet it costed a bomb though! ;-)
  • m_hodgeym_hodgey May 2018
    Great cut Terry and one to treasure for many years!!! Thanks for sharing.

    Bet it costed a bomb though! ;-)

    Probably as much as having the “It’s Nice” image song re-sung hey Pete? :D

  • glenglen May 2018
    Or the KFI remix for James.
  • ratnobratnob May 2018
    Wow. That is superb - simply joyful.
  • tcruise3tcruise3 May 2018
    Thanks guys. It took a good week of emails to get the lyrics right. Yes Pete, it did cost a good chunk of change but as we all know, it's totally worth it.
    You're right Mark. I like to think of it as a time-capsule of my friends. We'll see in 20 years if they are still my friends for life.
    I'm glad you all like it.
  • tyty21tyty21 May 2018
    you picked a winner! I would do the same! maybe the second person!
  • LenGroatLenGroat May 2018
    That is SUPERB - thanks for sharing

    Lyrical, vocal and musical craftsmanship at its best....
  • RadioboyRadioboy May 2018
    Enjoyed your Brilliant cut Terry! you may have just started a new trend amongst jingle collecting friends :)
  • Davey_wDavey_w May 2018
    Fantastic cut there Terry! Well done
  • logodavelogodave May 2018
    Very cool Terry.
  • The real question: do your friends appreciate the jingle?
  • tcruise3tcruise3 May 2018

    The real question: do your friends appreciate the jingle?

    A couple of my friends found it pretty awesome. The rest of my friends I had to lock in a room and play the jingle in a loop until
    they said it was awesome.

  • Coming late tot he party but all I have to say is Swe-e-e-t! Love the video, too.