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Tony Blackburn backing track
  • scotronscotron May 2018
    Hi folks, Been meaning to post this for ages. I know I should know this, but it has been driving me up the wall for weeks now. The backing bed that Tony uses on his SOTS show on Saturday. I know it. It is so familiar but perhaps age is involved here, please someone take me out of misery and tell me what package this is from and there are sung versions? Thank you from an aging Jingle Madder. :-)
  • Ron, can you maybe clip it off iplayer or something and put it on Soundcloud for perusal please?

    ('Cos there's not much chance of us OTHER aging Jingle Madders being up to listen to him
    at that unGawdly hour on a Saturday morning!)

  • mattbeemattbee May 2018
    Ron, I think it is taken from the PAMS Series 27 cut 19. There is a sung version on the s2Blue site from when Tony had the POTP resings
  • scotronscotron May 2018
    Hi Matt, That is the very cut. He uses it between tracks as an instrumental bed. And thanks for the link to the s2Blue site. Iain....I have emailed you a reply. Thanks.
  • The only Series 27 cut NOT to have the signature steel guitar "zing" in it.
    Was that cut meant to have been for "somtehing else" and bunged into 27 ?

    Ron - some "interesting" items heading your way ;^)
  • PKPK May 2018
    That Series 27 Cut is called Pamper People and was first heard here in Britain as a custom resing 52 years ago this month when Swinging Radio England 227 started off the Essex coast in May 1966.
  • For those of the r**lw***d generation, here's

    1) the track (suitably "protected" of course by a wee bit of jiggery-pokery mixing by me)
    2) the demo version, WABC call letters
    3) the WABC air version - the package as aired in New York was lyriced very differently from the demo
    4) the Radio England version

    Since "when you've heard it once, one doesn't want to hear the middle bit again",
    I've "cored" out the 2nd 3rd and 4th items.

    I'm sure many collectors have their favourite version(s) of PAMS Series 27, certainly even in my humble
    collection there's a truly ridiculous number of station re-sings plus Personal Cut versions.
  • Davey_wDavey_w May 2018
    Thanks for that Iain. I love how Glenni re-recorded her parts for different station versions. On some #27 packages she's having a wail of a time (!) whilst on others she's hardly noticeable. I wonder if stations were asked "on a scale of 1 - 10, how much Glenni do you want?" :-)

    (If I was asked that question it would be a 10 from me every time!)
  • "Glenni re-recorded her parts for different station versions"
    "how much Glenni do you want?"

    Davey, back in 2009 I did a ridiculously long montage of my favourite PAMS cut of all time - Cut# 3, Surf.

    One that thanks to KenR I finally got sung with my name on it, something I couldn't have dreamed off away back
    in the late 1960s as a schoolboy with a daft hobby of collecting 3&3/4 IPS reels of something called "radio jingles",
    triggered by hearing bits of offshore pirate radio from the south of England as well as dodgy edits that appeared
    in this part of the world on pirate Radio Scotland 242.

    If anyone's ears (or patience in this era of the 2-second splattered noise "radio branding" masquerading as
    "station identification)", can stand it, here it is again as approx 20 minutes of proper melodic station logos
    rather than the sadly ubiquitous 3-note "Kiss" chopped-up buzz-saw synth etc.

    Glenni at her almost operatic best on the cut she must re-sung more than any other!
  • ratnobratnob May 2018

    "Glenni re-recorded her parts for different station versions"
    "how much Glenni do you want?"

    That is the most hypnotic montage I've ever heard!
  • JohnLJohnL May 2018
    Never enough Glenni! Here is a 're-mix' I made of a track we originally had KEN R & crew sing for us a million years ago, this version jettisoned the singers & much of the tracks instrumentation for a 'super Glenni' mix! Enjoy.
  • " That is the most hypnotic montage I've ever heard! "

    I thought you were going to say "...most MIND-NUMBING..." Geoff!

    PS - how many spotted / will spot the Series 27 pre-record I even included in it ?
  • Davey_wDavey_w May 2018
    I think Glenni's finest moment was this:-

    although I suspect she needed oxygen after singing that!
  • No wonder that cut didn't make it into the "official" Series 29 demo!

    Doing re-sings would have been a nightmare!