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aircheckdownloads on Social Media
  • We have decided to move away from our 'like' page to a new closed group so that posts become more visible. From today we'll still be posting the same great content as before so to avoid missing content, if you haven't already joined, the group is at

    With a closed group our posts should now be more visible to you instead of Facebook's algorithm system deciding what you should see. Our reach has dropped considerably since Facebook made changes (as most page admins will confirm), so we have decided to put all of our efforts into a group.

    We also understand a lot of our users don't feel comfortable interacting with a public aircheck and jingles page as any interaction shows up in other peoples timeline. This is good for us but when you are a media professional or run your account as a business, you don't always want clients or non-radio people seeing that you love Z100 1983 from TM Productions, for example. Now any activity will remain within that group among other like-minded people.

    Hopefully we will see you there.
  • Great idea. Thank you. Pleased to join the gang.