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Energy Berlin Steamroller Cuts 1994
  • bodo1980bodo1980 April 2018

    long time ago I was not online here. And in 2006 I started the first discussion about Energy Jingles from TM Century.

    Now, who might be interested, I have more cuts from this package. It is an On Air recording and I extracted the jingles and built a montage.

    I don't know who could have this package in studio quality, but here is what I can send to you!


  • mbmb April 2018
    Those cuts still sound brilliant - I think as a package it's grown on me over the years.
  • glenglen April 2018
    Soundcloud says it was taken down.
  • gameswizardgameswizard April 2018
    glen said:

    Soundcloud says it was taken down.

    Try again. It's working here.

    Also, SoundCloud is currently experiencing problems:

    DOWNTIME - High error rate across multiple services.

    UPDATE - 13:50 CET - 5:50 PST

    ENGLISH: Our engineers have determined the potential root cause and continue to work on a fix. Errors may still persist while logging in, loading the Stream or other instances.