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PAMS number jingles Nov 72 - Sept 76
  • Tazman1966Tazman1966 April 2018

    I was wondering if anyone had a clean copy of the PAMS number jingles and sound effects used on the BBC Top 20 from the start of Tom Brown's reign in November 1972 until the JAM jingles came in in September 1976.

    I've included a clip for reference. I'm helping a fellow collector of these shows piece together some fragments of shows and these would be a fantastic help if anyone has them and is willing to share. I already have the JAM ones by the way!

    Thanks in advance

  • Getting the jingles will be easy - getting the sound effects, much more of a challenge..... Bit of anorak trivia, but they were played in by a Tech Op off reel rather than cart at the time.
  • Tazman1966Tazman1966 April 2018
    Thanks for that Graham. Hopefully, someone here will come up trumps! In the first few years, were the numbers AND the sound effects played in from a reel to reel or just the sound effects?

    I also heard that it was only when the JAM number acapellas arrived, that each number had its own cart whereas the PAMS numbers were all on one cart.

  • The numbers were played in off reel. Not sure about the SFX but can check. One of my friends was that Tech Op !
  • Tazman1966Tazman1966 April 2018
    Yes thanks for the background Graham. On some of my recordings, the number jingles in the lower half of the show had a very dodgy start each time they were played in. I wonder then if Tom played in the SFX from carts?

    No luck yet form anyone that may have these jingles though...
  • I do have the PAMS sung numbers, fast and slow, supplied in August 1972, plus the opening theme from CCS but only a few of the sound effects....
  • Tazman1966Tazman1966 April 2018
    Hi Graham. I've sent you a message :)