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Capital Sweeper and Steve Wright Jingle
  • PowermaxPowermax April 24

    Does anyone know where I can find a clean version of this jingle (starts at 20 seconds)

    Also, I'm looking for "Hot Rockin'" (just the spoken words not the music jingle) and "Now, hotter than ever" from Capital. It was used in the late 80s and early 90s.

    Thanks! :)
  • Hi Powermax, I have this but I don't know what I titled it as. Give me a while.
  • The news theme is on an album I did for DeWolfe music. I think it is called Ultimate Production (the album) I can confirm this at some point this weekend I hope. AJ
  • mbmb May 5
    DWCD0223 - i knew it was on one of them but looked at all the others first!!!
  • rakrak May 5
    Yes, it's a great theme. I was in a conversation about it with someone else (the co writer, I think) and AJ on Twitter a couple of months ago. Definitely worth licencing for use on the radio now, I'd say.
  • rak said:

    .......Definitely worth licencing for use on the radio now, I'd say.

    Agreed, the "Ultimate Production" CD is a great production CD:

    The track in question is track 34, titled World News Centre.