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Looking for Phoenix Productions' Generic Material
  • jimhunt76jimhunt76 April 2018
    Hi all, OK, so this is probably going to be a rather unusual request coming from someone here in the States, but I would like to have the generic jingles, sonovox jingles, sweepers etc from Cheshire-based Phoenix Productions. I downloaded them from the JingleArk website 13 years ago but did not back them up, shame on me, haha. JingleArk had three tapes of generic Phoenix Productions stuff posted as MP3 files on the Generics section of the site. If anyone has them and could share them with me and others, or we could even trade, that would be great. Thanks.
  • wolfiewolfie April 2018
    I believe Phoenix morphed into a company called Take 2 Studios who still have a website (no idea if its still updated). In their jingle samples section under "Hospital Radio Non-Custom Jingles" you'll find a mix of what were originally Phoenix produced jingles for Signal Radio and Festival Radio either resung for Hospital Radio or with generic lyrics.