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My Jingles in life so far (a mix put together for friends and family)...wish I hadn't bothered! lol
  • tonymullinstonymullins April 2018
    This week I turned 41;

    I decided to spend the afternoon putting together a jingle mix for family and friends of my 41 years in radio/jingles, and some basic history of where my jingles came from; clearly they weren't interested, but some of them listened anyway (so they said lol).

    I enjoyed putting it together - I guess nobody else in the world will care; however, I'll share here anyway!!!
  • tonymullinstonymullins April 2018
    sometimes I have to remind myself that NOBODY cares about who sung my jingles, who sung them originally and who they were sung for before me. We really are a niche bunch! lol
  • ratnobratnob April 2018
    A wonderful collection, beautifully compiled.
    I like the way you give a little history of each jingle.
    Bravo, and happy birthday, Tony.
    Here's to many more (birthdays and jingles).
  • LenGroatLenGroat April 2018
    Tony you are a 'youthful bridge' between 'jingles past' and 'jingles present' ...!

    A fabulous polished presentation

  • pvankleipvanklei April 2018
    Very nice.
  • tcruise3tcruise3 April 2018
    Tony, don't be too hard on yourself. My brother used to make fun of me and would say "You'd probably want a radio station that just played jingles!" Then, the movie Demolition Man came out where there was a scene that they listened to a radio station that just played commercial jingles. Most people just glaze over and wait for me to finish talking about jingles and then they change the subject.
    My co-worker recently thought I was crazy when I said I spent several hundred dollars on personal cut jingles. Then I pointed out that he spent $4000 on a computer. I spent $700 on a jingle and a $1000 computer and still had money left over compared to him. In general, only other collectors will understand the passion. I will never stop listening to jingles even if I'm the only one on the planet listening to them!

    Great montage!
  • ratnobratnob April 2018
    tcruise3 said:

    In general, only other collectors will understand the passion. I will never stop listening to jingles

    Terry - you absolutely capture the essence of this mad jingle passion.
    My days start every morning, without fail, by listening to some jingles. Why wouldn't they? It's all the other people who are crazy!
  • scotronscotron April 2018
    Great compilation Tony. Enjoyed that. Yes, being a jingle fan is a hard thing for a non-jingle person to get their head around. Don't worry, you are in very good company here. None of us can get enough of jingles. Best wishes from Scotland.
  • tcruise3tcruise3 April 2018
    Come to think of it, I even have a couple jingles to tell everyone I'm jingle crazy.
  • bossjockbossjock April 2018
    A great montage Tony. Thanks for sharing :)
  • Davey_wDavey_w April 2018
    A great choice of jingles there Tony! Thanks for posting!
  • jonnojonno April 2018
    Enjoyed that Tony... I must get a JAM personal cut some time soon - been wanting one for years.
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston April 2018
    "I must get a JAM personal cut some time soon - been wanting one for years"

    Heck Jonno !!!
    What are you still waiting for?
    Don't get caught out like those that were too late to get their iJingles orders in for TM stuff!

    And within an hour's drive of your front door there a whole load of excellent JM "jingle lyric wizards"
    to help you get those "words to fit the melody / tracks"!

    ...and please make sure you ask Jon for an "alt" version that specifically also sings your name bit
    in Sonovox, 'cos he doesn't do "stand-alone" sono/driver, but the extra twiddly-umpty dollars
    for the sono will be MORE than worth it believe me! e.g. Just like this....

  • petewilsonpetewilson April 2018
    You could always go the FULL Whack.........:-)
  • IanFIanF April 2018
    Well done Tony!