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Kay Sharpe
  • glenglen March 3
    I read on JAM Facebook page yesterday that Kay Sharpe retired.
  • retired from 'everywhere'? or just there? she has been a regular at TM, along with abby, and others.
    she surely was a "keystone" in many productions.
  • glenglen March 3
    JAM Creative Productions, Inc.
    March 1 at 7:22pm ยท
    Chocolate cake break at today's JAM vocal session, to wish a happy retirement to Kay Sharpe. Thanks for being one of our most important, trusted and gifted voices for the past 42 years!
  • and she still looks 39! ;-)
  • glenglen March 3
    Adorable !!!!!!!!
  • tcarmantcarman March 4

    retired from 'everywhere'? or just there?

    Everywhere. I was told last month that she'd retired from the TM group.

  • If you are on facebook just look up Kay H Sharpe and 'friend' her!

    Kay and husband Robert are moving to the most beautiful home in a forest by a lake in Arkansas on March 10th; Kay said, "we are very excited and will miss all of our friends but are looking forward to relaxing in this beautiful part of the country!"

    There are photos of their new place and also the farewell party held by many of the JAM and TM names we all know!

    Kay has been singing for over 40 years but when I met her first in 1990 I thought she was only 20.

    I'm sure many of the other vocal talents around Dallas will come to the fore in the vocal groups.

    This is Kay on lead/solo on our most recent station song.

    and on lead/solo on this PERFECT jingle....

    THANKS - for the great jingles Kay !
  • ratnobratnob March 5
    Thanks for posting this. I'd missed it. And those GEM cuts demonstrate her talent brilliantly. G
  • logodavelogodave March 10
    She will be missed, a very nice person. We were the "Sharp twins" on the Z+ series! Good luck Kay. Dave Sharp