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United DJs- new jingles
  • New jingles recorded for United DJs, the new internet station including Mike Read, Emperor Rosko and DLT. Recorded by TM and received today.
    Last time we heard from Shaun (remember 70s Heaven?) didn't he say that he wasn't that interested in jingles!? Ha ha
    They're OK- just not my No1 choice
  • rakrak February 23
    Ha!! Nice to hear a station buying some TM jingles. Touch of the Metros about it, though - they're not quite sure whether they're "UDJ Radio" or "United DJs" - Metro was Metropolitan, MBC or Metro, depending which way the wind was blowing.

    Hope it works out, as there are some good DJs from the old R1 and Luxembourg days involved. It needs terrestrial coverage, though.
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston February 23
    There have been bletherings about this putative internet station "in another place" for several weeks,
    here's a link...

    I'm not quite "with" the vocal sound on these cuts as yet - need to listen a few more times I think.
    The "promo" perhaps didn't quite show them in their "best light" I think? (e.g. mis-matching tempos or levels...)

  • PKPK February 24
    Any idea which TM package(s) the new United DJs Jingles are from?