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GB's new JAM / PAMS jingles
  • ratnobratnob February 21
    I got some new personal cuts today.
    They are - to my ears - flawless.
    Thanks as ever to the master, Jon Wolfert, and the JAM / PAMS team for such audio joy and perfection:
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston February 22
    [ looking for emojy-thingy for "speechless" !!! }

    1) recommend listening to that in "cans" ! "Stereo imaging" is an art to be appreciated !
    2) now old is that Smart Set cut now? 50 years plus? Yet "timeless" despite the "big band" style
    3) 3rd cut - what's the package Geoff? And the stereo "bouncing" pan-potted vocals are indeed flawlewss.

    Thanks for posting Geoff :^)

  • LenGroatLenGroat February 22
    "Flawless." is a fitting word GB...


    Jon and his team are the only company that can replicate vocal sounds first done 10, or even 50 years ago....

    If you work out the years, the re-sing of early PAMS now, is the equivalent of PAMS re-singing tracks (not that there were any) of 1910 jingles in 1960 !

    No one will ever be able to equal what Jon has achieved... without him our 'RadioWorld' would have been a very different place.
  • ratnobratnob February 22

    The question about the origin of the jingle is best answered by Mr Wolfert himself:

    'The cut comes from a custom package which PAMS did for WXYZ Detroit in 1967. The station, owned then by ABC, had been top-40 like most of the other ABC-owned AM stations at the time (WABC, WLS, KQV, etc.) But they changed to a more "middle of the road" adult format, and adopted the slogan "The Good Life" or "The Sound of the Good Life" at that time. The jingle package reflected that.

    'The "bossa nova" cut that we sang for you is not typical of the package, which overall has a more lively feel. It was one of several completely instrumental jingles, just playing the melody for the "Twelve Seven Oh, W X Y Z, Detroit" logo. As far as I know, it has never been sung before in the history of the world.

    'There doesn't seem to be an official demo of this package, but a while ago I did assemble the cuts in a pseudo-demo so that clients could hear them. Hear it at:

    'The lead singer in this group (and the soloist on the 2nd cut) is Lucy Crane, who also sang lead on Series 34 "Music Power". Of course the signature sound of the great PAMS guy singers from that era is evident too.'
  • scotronscotron February 22
    Great selection of personal cuts Geoff. Beautifully sung as you would expect from the Jam/Pams singers. Pure gold.
  • Davey_wDavey_w February 23
    Nice one Geoff. You’ve chosen some really interesting cuts there - and the singers at PAMS/JAM have done an amazing job with their flawless vocals.
  • tcarmantcarman February 23

    how old is that Smart Set cut now? 50 years plus? Yet "timeless" despite the "big band" style

    PAMS Smart Set
    PAMS Smart Set
    February 17, 1964

  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston February 23
    Thanks TC :^)

    [ Q:- whats the "Cosmo II" reference, or is that lost in the mists of time/? ]
  • Jon told us the origin of the cut. Now tell us where YOU first discovered it.
  • tcarmantcarman February 23

    Q:- whats the "Cosmo II" reference, or is that lost in the mists of time/?

    PAMS had an ID package entitled "Cosmopolitan" --- This was to be Cosmo II but got changed to Smart Set. If you look at the tape spine in the upper picture, they taped "Smart Set" over where it originally said "Cosmo II"
  • Lovely cuts, sung beautifully- like only JAM can. Well done!