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TOTH desperation (well a couple, the others not so much!)
  • Martyn-MMartyn-M February 2018
    Hi Jingle peeps!

    After 30 plus years of collecting mainly niche 'TOTHs', I've kind of got everything I've wanted in that time, but here are six that I'm still after. This'll be my final attempt with these, I've tried everything, with no success and it's time to stop chasing! If anyone has any of the six in good quality, 'full and in the clear' that are included in the link, I'd be eternally grateful. Have a listen and see if you can help.....

    107.7 The Wolf/Medway FM/Classic Gold/Trent two-parter/Essex FM/Metro FM
  • jonnojonno February 2018
    The download came down at 138kb and won't play on my phone. Is it corrupted by any chance?
  • scotronscotron February 2018
    Played ok on my PC.
  • jonnojonno February 2018
    just had a chance to try on my PC now.. all good thanks.
  • PKPK February 2018
    It’s worked on my iPhone okay!
  • mastymasty February 2018
    The Medway FM TOH sounds like the same version I have, recorded from the studio play out system back in the day. I must’ve been short on time as faded the bed early. From memory, it kind of continued as you hear it your montage. I’ll have a dig around in my old minidiscs and see if I’ve got the full versions somewhere. The full package seems to be quite elusive...
  • Martyn-MMartyn-M February 2018
    Thanks masty. I have the rest of the package, obtained from Dave Langer if I remember correctly, although any elements not sung over weren't provided, presumably worried about re-use?