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JAM back on POTP
  • rakrak January 2018
    Good to hear JAM back on POTP this afternoon - I think they were edits of the cuts made for Tony B, but one or two of them might have been re-recorded. I'd like to hear Gambo's name sung, though.
  • PKPK January 2018
    They were mixouts of the original cuts sung for Tony. Yes it was great to hear them back on air at BBC Radio 2 and Pick Of The Pops this afternoon!
  • Davey_wDavey_w January 2018
    And Tony B was using some of the PAMS “generic BBC” jingles this morning on SOTS (Music hour by hour, The BBC is simply madly ...)

    All this points to Radio 2 coming back to JAM for a full package. Well a boy can dream can’t he? ????????
  • GrahamCollinsGrahamCollins January 2018
    I heard two of the provided JAM mixouts and two cheeky edits. Now if Jon would allow the reuse of the 1982 Radio 1 Gambo acappella.......