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Smooth Sailing
  • Davey_wDavey_w January 12
    Thinking of lovely Jean Oliver .... and something I’ve always wanted to know ... is it Jean singing on the Big L version of “Smooth Sailing”? I only ask because it’s definitely Jean singing on the demo version and earlier versions of this cut, but the vocals on the Big L version sound ... well ..
    smoother (if you pardon the pun!) If it wasn’t Jean maybe it was Camilla or Tinker?
  • LenGroatLenGroat January 12
    By co-incidence I can help - Jon and I exchanged emails yesterday about Jackie.... and he said:

    "Just FYI, the original "Smooth Sailing" cut for Big L was sung by Jean Oliver, not Jackie. But Jackie did sing versions of that cut later on"

    It's one of THE all time great cuts and both ladies did a superb job on it. I was fortunate to 'be in the booth' to watch Jackie do our GEM-AM version in 1988 .. . a truly magic moment...

    Maybe time to post as many versions as JingleMadders can get their hands on as a tribute to Jean & Jackie!?
  • ratnobratnob January 12

    Beautiful. Could you post the GEM version again if poss, Len.
  • LenGroatLenGroat January 12
    Happy to post it !

    And it's Jackie really hitting the HIGH note at the end of.....

    Also, here is an example of how our Alfasound jingles changed as soon as we had Jackie on lead from 1985. (Steve purposely put her voice high in the mix.....)

    The end is just something else.....
  • JohnLJohnL January 12
    'Smooth Sailing' is a long time favorite track, especially with us aged radio pirates. I had a few versions done by Ken R. a million years ago (or so it now seems) which are still very much in use.

    On a sampler recently posted to, a version of that track was posted with what sounds like Ms. Oliver. I am uncertain, as save for Glenni & Trella, I am not much good at identifying most of the singers by name. I edited the front portion of that track into the end of one of our versions, and was pleased to hear how well the singers voices 'matched' up on versions cut some 35 or 40 years removed from each other.

    I am not sure if it is Amy or Lisa doing the vocal on the RNI version (Ken R, please check in pally) but I would say that the difference in vocalist would not be noticed by most all but for the most rabid of jingle freaks. It certainly has that 'classic' PAMS sound I'd say. What do y'all think?
  • tcarmantcarman January 12
    JohnL said:

    I am not sure if it is Amy or Lisa doing the vocal on the RNI version


  • JohnLJohnL January 12
    Thank you TC. Ken's singers always did top notch work for us, and their work holds up quite well alongside the vintage original versions of those tracks.