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Jackie Dixon
  • logodavelogodave January 10
    I am very sad of the passing of Jackie Dixon. She was a great singer . She sang lead on series 43 and 44 and anyone may correct if I am wrong. She sang lead at JAM on many great packages. I believe she sang lead on Follow the Leader for WGAR. I heard her as a child many times. She was married to the late Tom Merriman. Rest in peace Jackie.
  • mjb1124mjb1124 January 10
    Very sad news. She lend a distinctive voice to many great jingles over the years. R.I.P. :(
  • A beautiful voice that I’ve enjoyed countless times. Like all great singers, her talent and memory will live on. Thank you for the jingles Jackie
  • PKPK January 10
    Very sad my :-( Didn’t Jackie also sing on many Alfasound jingles as well???
  • tcarmantcarman January 11
    Jackie (Dickson) Merriman sang on many jingles going back to before I was born. She sang at all of the Dallas jingle houses including PAMS, JAM, TM, Spot and others. She was a key voice in PAMS seven voice group as featured on PAMS Changes (a/k/a Series 40).

    Rest in peace, my friend.
  • AJ-NYCAJ-NYC January 11
    Without doubt the number ONE greatest voice on radio jingles period! Sad to hear of this. Still, a massive legacy of great audio with her lead vocals exists for us to enjoy. Her tuning, phrasing and musicianship was phenomenal. RIP.
  • LenGroatLenGroat January 11
    I was very upset to read this yesterday, as in a few days in 1985 Jackie went from being a jingle singer to a warm and wonderful friend.

    As PK recalled Jackie did indeed sing at Alfasound - we flew her in for lead on 3 Trent packages in a row, and a soon as we launched GEM she sang lead on those - a wonderful voice and she transformed the sound of the jingles as all the UK singers 'followed her lead', though in truth it took 4 times as long compared to Dallas as the other singers did not read music. I still rate Trent 8 where Jackie was on lead as the best package we did at Alfa.

    Jon has put a very fitting tribute on Facebook - just browse: 'jam creative productions, inc'

    This was what I put ion Facebook:

    I heard today that Jackie Dickson had passed away. She was one of the legendary singers from the 'jingle capital' of the world - Dallas. From the late 60s to the 90s she was 'lead' singer on radio jingles for 1000s of stations in the USA and UK. She sang for what I believe are the 3 most important jingle companies on the history of radio, JAM, PAMS, and TM. I first met Jackie in 1985 when we flew her in for jingles at Alfasound, Manchester. Then she sang on all the Radio Trent and GEM-AM jingles from 1988 to 1992, including the 'golden days' at Jam Creative Productions, where the photo was taken (Jackie is next to me on the right). Today we still have some of her 1990s GEM-AM jingles on - so Jackie's voice lives on, but we have lost a beautiful Dallas lady... R.I.P.

    Lastly, I've also just seen from TC on Facebook that the legendary Jean Oliver passed away the same day as Jackie.

    "Another Dallas jingle vocalist has been silenced. I've just learned that Jean Oliver, who sang at PAMS from 1960 - 1966, passed away on Monday, January 8th in Tucson."

  • ratnobratnob January 11
    LenGroat said:

    Jon has put a very fitting tribute on Facebook - just browse: 'jam creative productions, inc'

    That short audio montage of Jon's is heartbreakingly beautiful. And of course Jackie's is the voice that - on cuts like that Radio 2 'Brightens up your day' jingle - made so many of us in the UK fall in love with jingles, with JAM.
  • Davey_wDavey_w January 12
    Very sad on both counts. Jackie and Jean were integral to that Dallas sound that we all know and love. They’ll be sorely missed, but their wonderful voices will live on in the thousands of jingles that they worked on.
  • ratnobratnob January 13

    I'm totally smitten by the first and last track of JMW's audio tribute to Jackie. Does anyone recognise where they are from?:
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston January 13
    So sorry to hear this.

    The first track is from one of the 2 (?) PAMS customs for KPOL 1540 in LA circa 1969-70-71, which I think bits of
    turned up as non-series packages.
    I know minds far more knowledgable than mine will know for definite.
    I know that they're in-the-clear on KenR CDs M-02 and M-08

    As so well-put above, the sound of her voice lives on.