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D Lux no longer going to happen
  • In case you have not heard the D Lux station is not going to happen

    Tony Price posted on Face Book

    It is with great regret that I have to announce my exit from the D-LUX RADIO project due to a number of policy differences.
    I have been thrilled to read your comments of encouragement and to see how well the idea was received.
    I will ever be grateful at my colleagues enthusiasm for the channel and am now dedicated to a rebranding and hope that most of my team will come along for the ride.
    I will, as always, continue to communicate with you on my Facebook Page.
    Keep the faith.
    Tony Prince.
  • jonnojonno January 15
    Seems to me that it is going ahead?
  • petewilsonpetewilson January 27
    What makes me laugh is they're still using the Slogan "Station of the Stars"....
    Can anyone point out any "Star" DJ's still on there?
    Eh... No they've all moved over to United DJ's! :-)

  • martinlestermartinlester February 3
    Strange they both are having a strap line of " Station of the stars"

    Everyone except Roger Day jumped ship when Tony Prince left D Lux

    United DJ's has a great line up (with one exception of the DJ that can't stand Jingles !)

    As for D Lux must have the worse line up ever as Pete has pointed out 99% of the line up I have never heard of the only saving grace is I have heard a rumour that they went to Dallas for the Jingles they will use on air

    All we have so far with United DJ is a collection of liners but hopefully that will change before they start