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Name the Singers
  • glenglen January 5

    Rainbow Bread
    Yes I know its NOT a ID jingle but;Im just curious who the people are.
    And where it was produced at.

  • JAM+%2F+PAMSJAM / PAMS January 5
    I don't know them all, but I can identify many. I'll refer to specific times on the video you linked to.

    :07 - left ?, center Eddie Dunn, right Stan Ratliff (a.k.a. Brian Champion)
    :40 - left Debbie Hooper, right Lucy Crane
    1:57 - left ?, right Debbie Hooper
    2:08 - Kelly Crane
    2:50 - left Johnny Hooper, center Stan Ratliff, right ?
    3:20 - Ronny Dawson
    3:50 - left Carolyn (later Kershaw), right Lucy Crane
    3:36 - Deb Hooper, Stan Ratliff
    4:20 - No idea
    4:43 - Jim Clancy

    Fun to watch. They are obviously lip-syncing to finished mixes for the camera, but they did it convincingly.

    Trivia: All of the names I've listed have also sung at JAM at one point or another. And Lucy Crane was also the lead singer on PAMS Series 34 (Music Power).

  • glenglen January 5
    I think of them is named Melissa. Is Johnny singing the bass or bottom sound. And know I heard voice some of old TM trucker stuff.
  • glenglen January 5
    Btw I think posted it. The rehearsals are posted too.
  • JAM+%2F+PAMSJAM / PAMS January 5
    glen said:

    Is Johnny singing the bass or bottom sound

    No. Johnny is a tenor. He usually sings the higher parts.

  • glenglen January 5
    Ok Thanks. Love the voice though!