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2018 - At least 6 New Year Resolutions for JMers :^)
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston December 2017
    I'm sure a few more could be added, but lets start with...

    1) To visit the JM site more often, including on lunch breaks if possible - forget about PoFace Splatter and TooYoob...!
    2) To post on threads more often, even if its just for a chat with like-minded punters
    3) To hunt down more "forgotten old tapes in attics" etc for recovery-and-restoration
    4) To ask others if they know of or might be able to find copies of "Holy Grail" station packages
    5) To post audio more often, whether montages or samplers or things being searched for, or just "I like hearing these!"

    and especially...

    6) If intending to visit other JMers "patches", even if its for work, let them know and arrange for a "mini-jingle-day"
    meet-up and a pint - even if its just for an hour while passing through :^)

    Happy Noo Yeer to Ane 'an Aw', an' Mony May Ye See :^)
  • GrahamCollinsGrahamCollins December 2017
    Good positive post Iain.

    Might be worth inviting everyone to name their top 3 Holy Grails - then we all know what we're looking for.

    After all, one man's meat is another man's poison !

    You never know what other people have that may not be precious to them or embargoed in any way.

    For me - I'm still looking for the following:

    Capital Radio (London UK) - Sue Manning Music 1978 - in good quality stereo
    County Sound (Guildford UK) - Les Reed 1983 - the launch package in full

    Happy New Year to all our readers !

  • buckshotbuckshot December 2017
    Happy New Year!

    Just our top 3 Holy Grails? Not easy to pick only 3.

    Tuesday Productions "Whispers" 126 CFRN
    Johnny Mann "Drake AA" 73 CKLG
    Johnny Mann "Drake Series 1" CKXL

    Honourable Mentions?

    Pepper Tanner "Now Sound" 630 CHED
    TM "The Alternative" 630 CHED
    TM "You" 1260 CFRN
    Frank Gari "Hello Calgary" Channels 2 & 7
  • tyty21tyty21 January 2018
    hey, for us US JMers, we gotta follow at least a few! of course, will try and post as much audio as I can, and come on, if we can, can we have some sort of US jingle day? for now, as the budget will allow, we can do it here at homebase in southern California, whenever we got some JMers in town. another goal I'd love to set is to get a personal cut! also to start my online station if we can get the software, and would like imaging and jingles. any volunteers? LOL! anyway, happy new year to my JM family!
  • glenglen January 2018
    more JAM cut by cut.
  • Tazman1966Tazman1966 January 2018
    Happy New Year to all the JMers too! There, my first JM post of 2018 :)