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Season's Greetings from The Carman's
  • tcarmantcarman December 2017
    Season's Greetings from The Carman's. Our 2013 greeting, recycled for today. The best from our house to yours.

    Background jingle courtesy of the fine folks at JAM Creative Productions, Inc., featuring solo lead by ME with full vocals by Abby Holmes, Kay Sharpe, Johnny Hooper, Bruce Wermuth and Jeff Oxley. Written and Produced by Jonathan Wolfert and Wayne Harrison. Phew... got that all in there!
  • bobgreenradiobobgreenradio December 2017
    hahaha, GREAT! I always enjoy your seasonal treats, and really liked the pix of the kids too. they keep growing. and growing.
    have a merry time tc & kids. and thanks for your greetings
  • glenglen December 2017
    Love it!!!
  • LenGroatLenGroat December 2017
    "Sing lead on a JAM jingle "

    TICK !


    Have a great holiday - Len
  • petewilsonpetewilson December 2017
    Wow...TC I would never of known that was you singing "All over the Universe"....
    I think it's time for a career move! ;-)

    Seasons Greetings!
  • star+tetleystar tetley December 2017
  • logodavelogodave December 2017
    Hey Tracy, I was in the control room when you sang that! Season's greetings everyone.
    Dave Sharp
  • martinlestermartinlester December 2017
    Very Nice !
  • PKPK December 2017
    Love the jingle Tracy, it sounds fab! When is your next jingle vocal session at JAM?