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KIAQ/KIAB (K97 & K98FM) California Country
  • LorenLoren December 2017
    The quality of this file is absolutely horrible, but I've been going through old tapes, and I thought that I would share. KIAQ (K97) started as a station out of Fort Dodge, Iowa. In the early 90's, they purchased an FM station out of Boone, Iowa which had a signal into Des Moines. They were branded as K97 & K98FM, using Thompson Creative's California Country -- Bumper Morgan was the voice over guy. Programming was identical, but the legal ids and commercials were different on each station. The arrangement didn't last very long, and KIAB (K98FM) was sold. Rather than getting another package, KIAQ continued using California Country (for several years), just editing out portions where "K98" was sung -- for a long time, the tempo of the cuts was also slowed down considerably.

    Probably just three minutes of your life that you'll never get back, but here's what I (quickly) put together:

  • LenGroatLenGroat December 2017
    Thanks for sharing - nice vocal sound....

    the magic of American pop radio - "Fort Dodge & Webster City" sound so much more evocative than (say) "Leeds & Bradford" !