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Old Radio Jingles
  • jonnojonno November 2017
    Just a heads up for those who aren't aware, but there is a SoundCloud user, Andy Rutherford (I'm not sure if he is a member here) who has posted tons of great stuff especially with a Scottish bias It's well worth checking out his audio ..

  • ratnobratnob December 2017
    A great find. Thank you.
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston December 2017
    I've been aware of Andy Rutherford audio for a couple of years but unsuccessful trying to get a reply.
    He doesn't seem to be in contact with anyone I know, but he does appear on the Irvine Beat
    community station in Ayrshire.

    He clearly has a LOT of classic jingles audio for/from Scottish stations, including items that I've not
    heard in-the-clear or in good quality from any of the "usual sources". He's definitely had some
    kind of "Inside track" in the past I think.

    A lot of pre-internet-era jingles audio from these parts never really "got out", often due to the
    producers not being the usual "mainstream" UK ones or the well-known UK sales agents for
    the USA producers. Anything from the SoundHouse/Balfe/Highland Studios setup particularly.

    I think he may well have a "goldmine" of rare audio, but I don't know if he knows this Forum and its
    many solid & reliable UK collectors exists. It would be great to hear from him!
    I'll have an other shot at contacting him