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The american and canadian dial sweep AKA up and down the dial.
  • tyty21tyty21 November 2017
    Here’s a lil project, part 1 of it at least, for the jingle fans, which we are here. I forget who did a sweep like this, where they go by frequency, and there’s were a mix of UK and US stations. I did a dial sweep, just like that, but US/Canada based! A couple of notes, I’m blind, so that visual is pretty much what I can do in order to post it to youtube.
    Ignore the dead air after the end. That was my fault. Something in Moviemaker
    I may have got carried away on certain frequencies, but, there’s never too much of a good thing, right? Plus, these jingles are from the 50’s to 90’s. So you know they’re good.
    Finally, I may have misplaced a few frequencies, for those of you who are good at the editing, feel free to put them where they need to be.
    Now, This was my first go around with it, and I figured I missed a few stations here and there, if I missed any good ones, any at all, feel free to expand! The more the merrier! Anyhow, enjoy!
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston November 2017
    Excellent idea, lot of classic stuff, but I can't listen for 1 hour 23 in real time.

    Can someone recommend a good TooYube downloader that isn't riddled with junk/dodgy stuff in
    order to "listen again later" from hard drive please?
  • nleibonleibo November 2017
    How about one for the FM Frequencies?
  • bossjockbossjock November 2017
    To convert the audio from YouTube videos go to and follow the instructions. I converted the above to an mp3 file in about 5 minutes.
  • jonnojonno November 2017
    Great job Tyrone. I'm about half way up the dial at 1050 Chum... will listen to the rest a bit later
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston November 2017
    "How about one for the FM Frequencies?"

    I'm sure a couple have appeared on JM in the past for UK stations Neil, but a LOT harder to do as
    the 88 to 108 band here uses all the odd AND even frequencies at 100 kHz steps rather than just
    200 kHz steps on odd-only used in the USA (e.g. 101.1 MHz)

    With a much smaller land area those channels here are already very full in some places.

    And there's mostly dedicated sub-bands e.g. 88 to 91 for BBC Radio 2 rather than any station on any
    frequency on the band (although I appreciate that in the USA there's "college" or non-comm stations
    often down at the lower end of the band).

    I'm sure Michi could do something very different with the Japan 77 MHz band :^)
  • tyty21tyty21 November 2017
    nleibo said:

    How about one for the FM Frequencies?

    that's part 2, and I'm working with that. this one, I will need the most help with, especially along the lines of the lower frequencies. however, all frequencies can help. if anybody has any good US/Canada based fm jingles, feel free to share! Anyway, back to the lower level, the 88 to 91 side is really hard to do! I know there are jingles out there, but where? thanks to all for the great feedback on part 1, and for advanced help with part 2.
  • tyty21tyty21 November 2017
    I do have an mp3 version of the AM dial back on my laptop in my room. when I get time, I can give a download link.