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39 years ago since the 1978 Radio 1 package
  • rakrak November 2017
    Not strictly jingles, but this video was shown on Nationwide 39 years ago today, the day the BBC Radio Networks changed frequencies

    Only a Twitter link, and it's probably available elsewhere, but a great watch anyway.
  • jonnojonno November 2017
    and the Facebook link in case you swing that way;-)
  • gameswizardgameswizard November 2017
    I wonder why Radio 3 would be better on 247 metres, rather than Radio 1 on 247 metres...?
  • jonnojonno November 2017
    My guess: smaller audience so poor reception on 247m would inconvenience fewer people and Radio 3 had alternative frequencies on VHF(where you ought to be listening if you're serious about classical music IMHO)
  • GrahamCollinsGrahamCollins November 2017
    What a shame it is not as aired..... The Jingle Police have struck again. I saw this go out live and John Dunn's section ended with him saying, 'excuse me whilst I read the traffic news'. He then played the JAM 1976 traffic opener and was faded out after 10 seconds or so and Sue Lawley picked it up. Someone has cut that bit out to avoid paying JAM a royalty.
  • ratnobratnob November 2017

    And there I was waiting for these gems ...
  • rakrak November 2017
    The Copyright Police are a right pain. I was doing some innocent test Facebook streaming the other day (for work using a bogus Facebook account) - we let it stream a clip of a commercial track, and shortly afterwards I had an notification saying the whole account had been locked out - so, I don't blame people for being careful with copyrighted material. Ditto Soundcloud, for that matter.

    Maybe someone, somewhere does have a full copy of the Nationwide recording.
  • GrahamCollinsGrahamCollins November 2017
    Same with YouTube - if you place a commercial track on your holiday video there's a fair chance you will get it pulled.

    On a slight tangent, when The Grand Tour started to air on Amazon last year, YouTube was littered with clips and screen grabs. Now there is nothing. All taken down. Series 2 starts on 8th December btw.
  • jonnojonno November 2017
    Thanks for the tip Graham, I'll be sure to avoid that then! :-D
  • RadioTimesRadioTimes December 2017
    I was also recording Nationwide that evening, in sound only. Here's my recording, and yes John Dunn does play the travel news jingle.