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Fresh Geoffy B: from JAM
  • ratnobratnob November 2017
    I like (arrogantly) to think that I was one of the first people in the UK to notice that there was a new station in New York in 2007 with fresh new jingles - produced by JAM. I spotted it on the JAM site, and then I listened online to that station. The distinctive ramps and donuts, the DJs talking less and just using their first names ["Hi, this is Dylan"}, the clever mix of contemporary sounds and familiar radio formats - I loved all of this.

    And so did New York.

    I especially like the top-of-the-hour jingle, so earlier this year I asked Jon Wolfert about having it made as a personal jingle.

    The original singer had moved away, he said, but they were working with a new voice. She sang my 'Hey Geoffy B' mantra and, of course, I was transfixed - except that I then asked whether the ramp might have some lyrics added over the top. The idea was to use the singers playfully to sing 'Hey Geoffy B' overlapping. I sent Jon a homemade example of what I meant ... and, lo, here we are, with a great jingle for one of New York's top stations quirkily resung for little old me.

    Here's the jingle's history.

    I couldn't be happier or prouder of this amazing bit of JAM dedication on my behalf.

  • LenGroatLenGroat November 2017
    Gosh I came on to post our most recent new JAM cut (which is old) and you post a SpArKlinG re-sing of a new JAM cut!

    I love what you thought of for the pad - and the singers and Jon have really made something 'fresh' and new out of it _GREAT VOCALS

    Brilliant !!
  • mbmb November 2017
    Its a great cut and lovely package
  • bossjockbossjock November 2017
    That is a beautiful resing - jingle craftmanship at its best. And I love the sound of that "new voice". Well done Geoff and JAM :)
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston November 2017
    From an audio engineering point-of-view a nice exercise in good-old pan-pot stere-oo-oo-ooo too :^)

    And a VERY "Fresh" voice indeed - and something that shows a "younger-orientated" vocal sound CAN be achieved
    without simply just plastering "more mature singers" with buckets of "hip" over-processing as has been discussed
    often before.

    PS - don't suppose there's any "joint order" Personal Cut plans about in the run-up to Christmas like last year
    for those of us on a limited budget?
  • tyty21tyty21 November 2017
    amazing cut!