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NEW KEN R Sampler (Uh-OH)...:)
  • nleibonleibo October 29
    with some apprehension, I make note of a NEW KEN R Jingle Sampler HERE:
  • jinglejoejinglejoe October 30
    Great! Thanks for the heads up. Interesting that some of those Ross packages were using the "I'll Take Manhattan" melody, which I thought had begun with the PAMS jingles circa 1964. I wonder what the story was.
  • mjb1124mjb1124 October 30
    I don't think Jon can make any claim to these. :)

    Anyhow, it's neat to hear the original WABC chime in the clear without the jingle.
  • ratnobratnob October 30
    Another interesting slice of jingle history. Thanks for posting.
  • who says? you can claim anything.

    i look forward to all of kenr's treats. and thank you ted, too!
  • nleibonleibo October 31
    JingleJoe--I was thinking the same thing about the "I'll Take Manhattan" Melody line-- according to Allan Sniffen ( & the late Rick Sklar (WABC PD), the change to the "I'll Take Manhattan" melody was "associated" with the move to PAMS...
  • jinglejoejinglejoe November 1
    Indeed, quite a mystery. According to both those sources you mention, I think most of us made that same assumption. In the book "The Hits between the Hits" by Don Worsham, PAMS tried selling WABC Series 15 around 1960. Not sure what the logo was as I can't place the demo at this time. Additionally, it states that WABC gave PAMS a try in 1962. I recall that WABC used Johnson & Sidday and Ross jingles until that time, and then jumped to PAMS and the distinct logo we all came to know. Was the sampler above part of Ross' attempt to keep WABC as a client by using the "I'll Take Manhattan" melody? No mention anywhere in any of the books, not that I could see.
  • nleibonleibo November 2
    I heard that PAMS Series 15 Audition--I think it was the same logo as WKBW--certainly NOT the "I'll Take Manhattan" logo...
  • jinglejoejinglejoe November 2
  • nleibonleibo November 19
    I was reading the book "Rocking America" by the late Rick Sklar (Former PD of WABC/NYC). Re: the "I'll Take Manhattan" melody, Sklar wrote: "WABC's jingles were based on the melody "I'll Take Manhattan", but the jingles did not match the music". Now this was when Rick Sklar took over as PD (circa 1963)--which would explain the earlier (Roy Ross-WABC) jingles with the "I'll Take Manhattan" Theme.