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Top Format gives away master tapes
  • JelleJelle October 2017
    The Society of Radiojingles and Themes in The Netherlands acquired the complete archives this week of Top Format Productions in Haarlem, Holland's oldest jingle company. Starting in 1975 Top Format was partner of PAMS, Tanner, TM, JAM an Wise Buddah, they did resings in dozens of country's, from Iceland to Russia, Indonesia, France and Germany. From 1994 on they specialised in making custom jingle packages themselves and they are still very succesful in doing so for stations in Western Europe. Top Format recently moved to new offices and The Society (known for their website got all their digital masters: 2250 master cd's/dvd's and over 1000 master dat tapes. Plus the paperwork, like all compositions on music paper. Twelve years ago Jingleweb already digitalised the analogue archive between 1975 and 2005, also thousands of tapes of jingle packages and resings. More about this and some photos too on It's all Dutch, I'm afraid, just hit your Google translate button)
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston October 2017
    Would be interesting to know if TF might at some stage "licence" TSORTN to sell digital dubs of such archive
    material in a similar way to Tracy Carman's MPF in the USA?

    (...obviously NOT PAMS, JAM, TM ... of course, just their own past re-sings for Continental stations)
  • MarcMannetjeMarcMannetje October 2017
    For this occasion Jelle and friends put together a nice demo of collectors items. You'll find a lot of hardly aired stuff in the compilation, like the cut for Radio Noord which was sung for the Giro d'Italia - and Sky Radio in Danish. You can find it through the link in the article, and here:
  • amigoamigo October 2017
    I'd like to hear the complete Cadena 100 spain cuts from the early-mid 2000's.