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Love Or Let Me Be Lonely
  • teachercreatureteachercreature October 2017
    In 1970 The Friends of Distinction had a hit with a tune called Love or Let Me Be Lonely written by Skip Scarborough, Jerry Peters, and Anita Poree. That same year, PAMS included a 60 second version of this song as part of Series 40.”The Changes.” This bed is also included on Ken R’s “Another 60/60” disc. Ken refers to the track simply as “Love Me.” This track does not appear to be a sound-alike as a number of other PAMS beds do. It sounds exactly like the hit. I’m wondering if there was some special connection between the writers and the Jingle company.
  • bmacwhibmacwhi October 2017
    I have enjoyed the Series 40 demo for KYA and WFAA since I first heard it in about 1977, the Friends of Distinction cut is very similar but not a note for note duplication if you listen closely - I can't say for sure but I doubt that there was any special connection between the writers and PAMS during that time but most of the great people that were there in 1970 have moved on with the exception of Mr. Wolfert who may have been at PAMS then - perhaps someone knows for sure? Great voicing on that package -
  • teachercreatureteachercreature October 2017
    Maybe not note for note but it is pretty gosh darn close. I've wondered about this for a while and thought I'd let the gang at JM weigh in. Series 40 is without question my favorite PAMS package. As you say, the vocals are classy and the instrumentation is superb.