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JAM Plus 3 for KRO Holland
  • MarcMannetjeMarcMannetje October 2017
    Here are all main cuts from JAMs Plus 3 (WYNY) as sung for KRO in The Netherlands. Most cuts were only used for the night time slot 'Niemandsland'.
  • DuncanNewmarchDuncanNewmarch October 2017
    Very nice Marc, really enjoyed those.
  • MarkSMarkS October 2017
    Brilliant! Great vocals by Top Format too. Thanks for posting Marc
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston October 2017

    As per the comments on the S/c track, Top Format always "hit" the 7-voice JAM sound incredibly closely.
    Would wonder what a few sings for USA or UK stations would have sounded like in English language lyrics
    from that vocal group?
  • MarcMannetjeMarcMannetje October 2017
    Interesting question Iain. The first bilingual Sky Radio packages were partly sung in English by Dutch singers. Jon Wolfert would know the details. I am not sure how many of the 7 voice group were Dutch at the time... Or that they maybe only sung the Dutch frequency '100.7 FM' in the JAM studios...
  • Tazman1966Tazman1966 October 2017
    Not that I'm an expert but I wouldn't have known that it wasn't the JAM singers.
  • MarcMannetjeMarcMannetje October 2017
    By the way I made a compilation of JAM resings by Dutch singers a few years ago: