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PAMS My Hometown and Non-Numbered Series Demos
  • johnquincyjohnquincy October 2017
    New at a page saluting the PAMS Series 16 "My Hometown" jingle (with several versions) -- and a page with dozens of PAMS non-numbered series demos like Solid Rock, Tuned Young and Regalogos. All audio files on those pages have been noise-reduced and leveled by Ken R. Deutch, and sound great. We thank Ken for his contributions.
  • MarkSMarkS October 2017
    Thanks for the new audio. Brilliant site as always!
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston October 2017
    Some of these I haven't heard since the reel-to-reel days of well-night 40+ years ago :^
    And a few are even "new to me" !

    Thanks for posting :^
  • johnquincyjohnquincy October 2017
    The PAMS non-numbered series page is no longer available.
  • glenglen October 2017
  • dreke61dreke61 October 2017
    I've contacted Ted by e-mail and he says "the page has been taken down". He gives no reason.
  • bobgreenradiobobgreenradio October 2017
    gosh. let me let my mind wander....
    huh. could it start with a "j"?

    what a shame too.
    ken always did a wonderful job with this stuff.
  • nleibonleibo October 2017
    There were a couple of "Non-Functioning" links--perhaps to fix them....
  • bobgreenradiobobgreenradio October 2017
    i dont think so.
    "the page has been taken down" says it all.

    nobodys talking about a link failure.
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston October 2017
    I'm sure a few managed to download those before they were recinded, or have copies from the reel-to-reel days...

    So many PAMS non-Series and Customs from the early 1970s in particular before the "decline & fall" deserve a lot
    more credit than they get today. Away from the Top-40-orientated "Numbered Series" syndications that era of PAMS
    produced some VERY elegant MOR packages and "modern" Country ones too.
  • nleibonleibo October 2017
    Apparently there was some sort of "issue" with the " PAMS non-numbered series demos like Solid Rock, Tuned Young and Regalogos" page --as John Quincy has told me "Don't look for it to return."--Ominous....
  • nleibonleibo October 2017
    --and Ken Deutsch (formely "Ken R") states:" it was taken down on purpose and likely will not return"--it's getting "tough" to be a "jingle freak"..:)
  • petewilsonpetewilson October 2017
    Not forgetting that special LONDON version of the Hometown Song performed by The Chantelles!

    My God..
    Everyone's doing it.......:-)
  • bobgreenradiobobgreenradio October 2017
    exactly. as i suspected. i was right. the issue is with an individual person......
    those of you with a clue, not wearing blinders, can figure this one out.
  • mjb1124mjb1124 October 2017
    I respect that Jon owns the copyrights and has the last word over usage of the material. However, if he's not going to make these demos available himself (and it doesn't seem like he has any intention of doing so), I'm not sure what he really has to gain from taking this page down. There are potential clients out there who may not have heard (or even known about) this material. I know two stations in Ohio used obscure non-series PAMS cuts, so the business potential is there.
  • bobgreenradiobobgreenradio October 2017
    that is very polite and to the point.

    another angle i am pondering is there may be a plan to issue the stuff as a whole new creation. think about this. EVERYBODY knows those numbered goods by heart. in fact i hate to admit it, but i know what cuts up next on the demo ive heard them so many times.
    the other stuff? pretty much unknown, so, when business is in the tank, and the hot studio doing the big numbers is 'reel', you need to come up with a product to sell....but wait. the 'juice' is all gone. no more ideas, melodies, hooks left that work. when something 'new' and what ever else it was billed as is a huge flop, why not pull out some custom stuff, dress it up, and go?
    otherwise, this stunt is simply stupid and mean.

    if i need any old school goods, ill call tm. they have the 'thunder' media general stuff. the wabc pams sound alikes, complete with soulman parks, trella, and big dan....and the rest of the gang.

    i have no doubt tm is the big game in dallas today. i even hear their new old style wabc sig running over nights.
  • glenglen October 2017
  • nleibonleibo October 2017
    <<" the issue is with an individual person...... <br />those of you with a clue, not wearing blinders, can figure this one out."<<<br />This is like a BAD episode of "Colombo" ("shrouded in mystery")...:)
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston October 2017

    The PAMS non-numbered series demos have been "Out There" for MANY years, as well as
    "air versions" from the client stations and so on.

    As a Collector, I even had 7.5 IPS full-track "blue box" PAMS demos of some more than
    40-odd years ago, long before "the information superhighway" was dreamed off.

    So I'm sure anyone wanting to hear any of the ones recinded from the 'Samplers site could
    soon find the appropriate audio on TooYube in seconds with very little effort.

    There may well be previously-not-experienced "background reasons" for what has happened
    now in this incidence that we are (naturally) not party to.

    Who knows? We may be told at some stage, maybe not.

    So maybe a wee bit of decorum please?