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Sonifex Micro HSX
  • SodeSode October 2017
    Hi all
    Have some questions:
    1. Does anyone of you have the user manual for Sonifex Micro HSX hdr cart machine.

    2. When I am going to record on to a cart. Does it have to be erased first? And how?

  • GrahamCollinsGrahamCollins October 2017
    Hello Thomas

    I have the manual for the HS series, as do several other members here - much of it will relate to the HSX range.

    If the cart you are going to record on to is brand new 'out of the wrapper' then no erasure is necessary. Only if the cart has audio already recorded on it will you need to erase it. There is no erase head in Sonifex players/record units so any further audio recorded will be over the existing and added to it - a very unsatisfactory situation.

    The only successful way to do this is to use a bulk eraser or best of all, the dedicated Sonifex cart eraser/splice finder unit - got mine on eBay for a tenner several years back !
  • jonnojonno October 2017
    Yes, before recording to a cart, you will need to erase it, if it's been previously recorded on
    something like this for example:
    or a bulk eraser.
  • jonnojonno October 2017
    @Graham :)
  • SodeSode October 2017
    Thanx both of you.
    Graham. Could you please send me the manual?
    I Got one from Jonno. Maybe yours is another version.
    I Will try to buy a bulk eraser. The sonifex one is impossible to find.

    My mail is:
  • jonnojonno October 2017
    Thomas, Graham has a copy of my manual.
  • GrahamCollinsGrahamCollins October 2017
    The unit that you need to register a search for on eBay is called the Sonifex CQ-HSE. Eventually one will come up.
  • SodeSode October 2017
    Thank you.

    Cant i use a Bulk Eraser?
  • GrahamCollinsGrahamCollins October 2017
    You can and I have one but it's a risky thing to have around magnetic media. Sonifex fans prefer to use the official eraser that also locates the tape splice and positions it so that your recordings do not run over it and suffer drop out.