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Ex BBC WM Sonifex cart machines
  • jonnojonno September 2017
    Some ex BBC WM Sonifex cart machines on eBay at the moment.

    Wondering about the yellow stop and blue fast forward buttons. Was that a BBC special requirement I wonder and if so what was the rationale? Red for stop seems far more logical.

  • SodeSode October 2017
    I just bougt some of these machines.
    I saw in another post that you have the manuals
    Can you send me a copy?
    Sonifex hsx and hsr-x2
  • GuyGuy October 2017
    In studio terms, red is always associated with 'Record' so would be confusing if used for 'stop'. The Sonifex machines followed the convention of the earlier ITC machines which used yellow for 'ready' (i.e. the cart was cued and ready to go) and green for 'start'. That was also the repeater indicator layout on the channel strips of the Type D continuities (used by BBC Network Radio in the 1970s and 80s) and the later Radio 1 'Maxicons'.
  • jonnojonno October 2017
    Thanks for the info Guy, makes sense.