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Adrian...Juste Talking
  • DuncanNewmarchDuncanNewmarch September 2017
    On Saturday 30th September, BBC Radio 1 will celebrate its 50th birthday.
    Radio 1 Vintage (available in the UK on DAB and BBC iPlayer) will broadcast a programme that I've produced at 13:00. "The best of Adrian...but only Juste" is a montage of archive clips from the former DJ Adrian Juste. To accompany that programme, here is another:
    Talking about his radio career, explaining how the comedy programmes were made and sharing stories about his time on the nation's favourite, this is "Adrian...Juste talking" which features many classic JAM jingles in action.
    For those outside of the UK, I'll upload the other programme (filled with jingles!) at 14:00 on 30/09/17.
  • scotronscotron September 2017
    Hi Duncan. This is brilliant. Thank you so much for putting this together. Genius. Bring back Adrian Juste to national radio in the UK!!!

  • PKPK September 2017
    Great production Duncan. Adrian's shows like the great Mr Everett, an entertaining 'art' of radio sadly seemingly ignored or dismissed by those currently in charge of our radio landscape :-(
  • IanFIanF September 2017
    Well made Duncan :) Was listening to it from 1 till 2 this afternoon which was Adrian's old timeslot (I think)?
  • GrahamCollinsGrahamCollins September 2017
    Oooh that's a treat waiting for me this evening !

    Thanks Duncan
  • RadioloveRadiolove September 2017
    This is BRILLIANT!!!!! Just downloading it for myself ;)
  • martinlestermartinlester September 2017
    Thanks for posting excellent!!
  • Davey_wDavey_w September 2017
    This is fantastic Duncan - very well done. How many AJ shows have you got then? I'd forgotten how bawdy those New Years Eve shows were haha
  • DuncanNewmarchDuncanNewmarch September 2017
    Thanks everyone for your kind words.
    Adrian's master reels only include the comedy sketches he played in between the music. I've managed to find complete shows from various sources/collectors over the years, one guy had almost all his shows from the late 80s/early 90s.
    The programme going out on Saturday lunchtime (Radio 1 Vintage) is a recreation, dozens and dozens of various sketches, jokes and drops I've stitched together. I managed to give JAM and fellow JMer Graham Collins a credit at the end.
  • gameswizardgameswizard September 2017
    Some vintage clips now online: