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Disney Village Radio
  • jonnojonno August 2017
    News just in.. While walking though Disney Village at the Disneyland Paris resort, I heard what sounded like a 107 The Bee re-sing on the closed circuit Disney Village Radio.

    More later, if I catch some more :-)
  • DevawebDevaweb August 2017
    If it helps... they're resings of 107 The Bee :)
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston August 2017
    I was surprised too when I heard it/them on the tannoy system in the Village several years ago now,
    so they're still obviously using them, and they're in English (THAT might change before long....!)

    May I say I (unsuccessfully) discretely enquired "somewhere" at the time as to whether any dubs of
    those resings were possibly lurking, but if they are likely were by a European TM representative,
    or for all I know maybe still deep in a shrink-wrapped pallet not a million miles from Boston.
    But one for MPF Basics Volume 927 should they appear...

    PS - Jonno - any "new" Parade CD singles or compilations for the 25th anniversary available at the
    shop on the corner of Main Street???
  • jonnojonno August 2017
    Devaweb said:

    If it helps... they're resings of 107 The Bee :)

    Glad my ears weren't deceiving me ;-)
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston August 2017
    If they're still there, the Bee re-sings should in theory appear somewhere amongst this feed...