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A jingle video memory
  • scotronscotron August 2017

    I may have posted this some time ago, but it is always good to take a trip back down memory lane. Back in 1990, (yes it was that long ago,) I was part of group seeking to gain a full time local radio licence for the Paisley area in Scotland. Two groups went head to head gaining RSL's (Restricted Service Licences) from the then Radio Authority, to offer a shop window of what each group could offer. Sadly, our application was rejected in favour of PLR, Paisley Local Radio, who became Q96FM. We were broadcasting under the name of Gleniffer Sound at this time, reflecting a local Paisley area, but our on air name might have been First FM. I thought that would be a good name to use on-air and tie in with programme titles like, First Up for the Breakfast Show, or First Edition for a News magazine etc. First for get the idea. Whatever ambitions and ideas that we had, it was not to be. Our studios were based in High Street in Paisley, ironically in the same place that the hospital radio service, Radio Paisley had been situated a few years before and therefore, very familiar to me as I had been involved with hospital radio for years. This video which I filmed, reflects the excitement of that era. Everyone gave their time voluntarily and even though we were not at that time, experienced broadcasters, we were keen make it a success. Yes, I even make an appearance as well. No grey hairs I see. That is me doing my last show and saying we would be back in 1991. We never did. What fun and... yes...we used Jam Jingles. Of course. The 'Your Best Buddy' tagline refers to the fact that folk who were born and lived in Paisley are known as 'Paisley Buddies'. Enjoy.