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Techmoan on YouTube checks out broadcast carts
  • jonnojonno July 2017
    I came across Techmoan on YouTube today... he takes a look at lots of retro audio and video gear.

    One video I watched today was "The Broadcast Cart Machine" featuring a SpotMaster 400A.

    At 15'42" he plays a cart with some old Radio 1 jingles.. can someone with a bigger anorak than me ident them please?

  • Some, if not all, of those Radio 1 jingles are PAMS... some of which can be heard in this montage:
  • The R1 cart items are from PAMS series 34 and 31 1967 original bundle (copies from me on request!)

    Possibly from the pre-Roadshow era when R1 visited places around the country - hence why "certain items"
    used to appear from around Edinburgh coincidently with such visits...
    Actual "proper" Roadshow R1 jingles I believe only appeared later with the Studio G mini-package as
    recently discussed.

    The "Tuesday" etc stuff are rip-off edits of WCBS-FM Chuck Blore (?) - got those somewhere.
    Such rips appeared on a number of early UK ILRs - very naughty indeed...
    I've a vague feeling even Noel Edmonds used to dubiously play them on R1, reinforcing that
    these carts are ex-OB kit.

    The "Kenny Lynch" items were discussed over on DS/Radio/etc quite recently where the name couldn't
    be quite be made out (i.e. they thought "Lynn")
    Clearly someone visited the same Techmoan channel as Jonno!

    Damn well-presented video though! Must play it all the way through later!
  • nleibonleibo July 2017
    Very interesting Video--especially the part about the 4 Track cartridge similarities to the "NAB" (despite the Tape speed difference). I believe there's an episode of "Mission Impossible" where Jim Phelps (Peter Graves) plays one of the "messages" he receives on a 4 track cartridge-- on a 4 Track Cartridge Player in his car located in the glove compartment.
  • GuyGuy July 2017
    The 'Tuesday is all over everything...' cuts were definitely used by Noel Edmonds on the Breakfast Show in the 1970s. I've got grotty AM recordings on various cassettes somewhere.
  • scotronscotron August 2017
    Yes, I remember very well Noel used those 'There's A Whole Lot Of......Saturday' etc jingles back in the 70s. As a young jingle virgin way back then, I was fascinated by the fact he used those cuts on the weekend show he used to host, and then when he stood in for Tony Blackburn on the Breakfast Show at one time, he had the same jingles, but with a different day including 'What A Nice Thing To Do' etc. In my naive understanding of how things worked back then. I just assumed that he had some singers record each cut for a different day. I was young and innocent. :-) I had a chat with you Iain a while back and you filled me in on the original source. Thank you for that.