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and yet another heritage station returns.
  • tyty21tyty21 July 2017
    As I mentioned earlier this year, KONO had returned to a 60's and 70's based oldies format on 860, and now, just yesterday, another station has flipped to its heritage format. WGH Newport News/Norfolk/Virginia Beach, VA flipped to a 50's and 60's based oldies format, sort of recreating the sound of the World's Greatest Harbor, the famous 1310. As of right now, they're using the fusion jingles from TM, mixed in with a few Pams cuts. they're live streaming, so if any jingle madders want to listen and feel free to make a montage, please do so! So far, IMO, it's a fun listen, as it mixes original recordings from the top 40 days with current imaging, but the jingles, all classic.
  • nleibonleibo July 2017
    It's always "Good News" ( at least for me) :)--when these stations "Return from the dead" (so to speak)
  • Loads of excellent WGH Newport News PAMS material on the KenR CD collection!
    ("....# in Old Virginia"...#)

    Tech note:- many of the oldest USA stations were just 3 call-letters.
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston August 2017
    Can read more about the WGH flip here...
  • star+tetleystar tetley August 2017
    Great when these stations 'return'.