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Top 10 Jingles
  • ratnobratnob July 26
    It's funny and unnerving how time moves on.

    I've just noticed that back in March 2006, in the early days of JingleMad, I posted a montage of my ten favourite jingles from ten different companies. I'm not sure my selection would be the same now, but (as someone once said) "it's still fun to listen to".

    10: PAMS
    9: Kershaw West
    8: Toby Arnold Associates
    7: TM
    6: WB Tanner
    5: Alfasound
    4: Hardy Kirk
    3: Emison
    2: Tuesday Productions
    1: JAM Creative Productions

    Feel free to post your own favourite cut, selection or package.
  • Jeezeepeeps! :^)
    I've still got quite a few of those Top10 montages lurking on the darker corners of my backup disks,
    and many of the datestamps are indeed that old.

    Considering how the nature of jingles has gone in the past 10 years, I suspect that a few "brand new"
    TopTen favourites selections would STILL include a fair bit of "older material" than recent product?

    With a datestamp of April 2007, may I offer...

    (PS - as its summer doldrums time, JM could do with a few other threads to this one Geoff, to while
    away the hours between downpours of "summer rain" e.g. I was playing one of my old Summer Montage
    files at the weekend and thinking of a thread for it, but thought the contents maybe "too old"!)
  • IanFIanF July 26
    I've got 2 Top 10's for the price of one! ;) ......Ok...I don't have a Top 10 but here's my Top 20 from '08 from various companies and my favourites back in the day
  • ratnob said:

    9: Kershaw West

    Love this cut. It's almost JAM.

  • I think musical DNA of the late Chris Kershaw will understandably be in many a JAM cut.
  • I remember that "top 10" from a few years ago...

    Someone asked me a couple of weeks ago about my favourite "own" jingles - got me thinking and I came up with this... My favourite top 10 with "Tony Mullins" in them (with one exception).