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Jingle meet up
  • scotronscotron July 2017
    Hi all. Just listening once again to the terrific jingle documentary uploaded by Jonno a few years ago. Memories of jingle collecting from various contributors. A Collector's Tale. Somewhere in that 90 minutes, there was mention of various meet ups that have occurred over the years. Sadly, I did not make any of them as I live in the frozen north..otherwise called Scotland, where the sun does shine on the odd occasion and all the meet ups have been down south, but I am willing to travel. Now I would be keen to know if there was any interest in a meet up in the near future. Just throwing the idea 'out there' to see what everyone else feels. Been a while since I have had a good natter with like minded folk to just talk about our favourite topic. Met up with fellow 'jock' and JM fan, Iain Johnston a couple of years ago, but wondering about a more expansive get-together. Thoughts anyone?
  • scotronscotron July 2017
    Maybe we could all club together and bring Jon over from Dallas as a guest ! :-)
  • Most of the "Jingle Days" over the years have been well "Down South" Ron, as naturally the most punters
    have been south of the Watford Gap although there's a good few well-known stalwarts further up.

    The last Jingle Day was... 2014 I think? There's some pics and clips lurking around, and people like
    Steve England did skype-style live links.
    A couple of your Pingles for me were played - not quite sure what the reaction was ... no doubt
    polite amusement (?!?)

    Steve E attempted a sort of "country house hotel weekend" Big Name jamboree in Cheshire back in
    1999 but despite loads of "interest" actual bookings from people evaporated and it was cancelled.
    Shame, because it was equally "reachable" for just about everyone rather than being geographically
    biased towards the southeast of England.

    I know that "mini meet ups" do occur, e.g. after nearly 40 years I finally I got the chance to meet
    "BossJock" when he got a trip to Edinburgh, and various south-coast collectors are often just a
    few miles apart.

    Some years ago, Ken R even managed a trip over courtesey of Norman Barrington, and although he'd
    been over the Forth Road Bridge heading for the "Bloo Toon" I don't think many collectors knew
    of the visit.

  • Steve England did give a very interesting talk about the Jingle Business at one of the Jingle Days in Manchester that was very well attended by most of the Jingle Mad Regulars , Big Dave , Dave W , Sean Martin , Robin B to name a few ,

    lots of prizes was given out on the Night including Personal Cuts from TM, S2Blue and I won a Realword Personal Cut

    As Stated the majority of the other Jingle days have been held in a pub near BBC Broadcasting house would be good to do one in London Again !
  • scotronscotron August 2017
    I would be happy to come to London. Work permitting...