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  • scotronscotron July 2017
    Hi JM folk. I have put together a wee montage of some of my personal cuts from Jam and Pams. Placing them back to back, and bearing in mind there are some 4 decades between the original and the re-sings in some cases, I think they sound fabulous and all credit to Jon and the Jam/Pams singers for re-creating that sound for today.
  • MarkSMarkS July 2017
    Sheer brilliance! Thanks for sharing.
  • Nice to hear an "A/B Test" selection done that way :^)

    Quick tech question please Gents...

    I find the S/c downloaders I used to use to retain audio S/c postings to "Listen later" off line are now defunct
    or just useless.

    Anyone able to recommend a currently-reliable one ?
  • MarkSMarkS July 2017
    There is a number of sites for downloading Soundcloud that appear to be working – try these Iain:

  • TQs Mark :^)

    The "9sound..." on got a "bad gateway" - typo in the address maybe?
    ...the other 2 OK although they gave radically different file sizes,
    need to watch for anything embedded I think.

    The ones I used to use let one run from a button from WITHIN S/c, instead of cut/paste URL many now
    do; Was much easier with a button below the running audio graphic;
    don't know why that disappeared unless S/c themselves blocked them.

    Still, "things change"...
  • MarkSMarkS July 2017
    Iain, 9sound appears not be working now for some reason. Different download file sizes from the other two sites is probably to do with the download quality of the audio (kbps). Believe you can add a ‘download button’ to Soundcloud if you are using Google Chrome -
  • LenGroatLenGroat July 2017
    A great collection Ron - thanks for sharing!
  • ratnobratnob July 2017
    LenGroat said:

    A great collection Ron - thanks for sharing!

    Agreed - a wonderful selection of jingles beautifully sung.
  • Great selections there. I always loved what Jon and his folk does.