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Big stations using small jingle companies
  • I always wondered how many big stations there are who dare to use smaller, different jingle companies.

    In The Netherlands nationwide public Radio 2 was relaunched in 1995. Because they wanted to sound different they asked former Veronica / Radio Northsea DJ Ferry Maat (Soulshow) to do a package. Maat chose to write and record the package with MIDI tracks, which horrified a lot of jingle fans back then. But listeners loved the station that managed to grow from 5.8% marketshare to +10% in a few years (16 million market 10+).

    Maat graduated at conservatory (piano composing) and wrote strong vocal arrangements to get a full sound. At the beginning of this compilation you'll clearly hear bass guy Pim Roos.

    Are there other big (+ 1 million listeners) stations that utilise other, smaller, less known jingle producers?