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My Jam collection
  • scotronscotron July 2017
    image host

    I have had a few personal cuts over the years. Time for another one soon.....
  • WAVAWAVA July 2017
  • IanFIanF July 2017
    WAVA said:



  • mjb1124mjb1124 July 2017
    Off to bed, sleepyheads! :D

    Anyway, I really liked your resing from Kiss & Tell a while back. You said that Jon noted the vocals would sound a bit different from the original demo, but I actually thought sounded better. Would be interested in hearing more of your cuts.
  • IanFIanF July 2017
    I wasn't getting at Scotron ;)

    Nice photo btw :)
  • scotronscotron July 2017
    Sorry for boring you WAVA!
  • RAVERAVE July 2017
    Well it's a nice stash, I say you can never have enough personal cuts friend!
    I don't think you're boring either!
  • scotronscotron July 2017
    Thank you RAVE. And also others above. I just found it a strange response from WAVA. It is a Jingle site after all. Or am I missing something?
  • glenglen July 2017
  • PKPK July 2017
    Your jingles are great Ron (the other Rocking Ron lol?), too right you can never have enough jingles!
  • LenGroatLenGroat July 2017
    Great idea Ron - a jingle VISUAL - any other takers?

    I'm reaching for my camera....
  • Don't worry about WAVA Ron, he's just a sarky ba' heid bampot!

    "Would be interested in hearing more of your cuts"

    Once upon a time Ron, collectors would do an "Ego Trip", where they would present a montage of their Personal Cuts,
    or their own DJ cuts if they were working in radio.

    Would be nice if you could "trigger" a small resurgence of those perhaps with a selection of some of your mixouts?
  • LenGroatLenGroat July 2017
    That was easy!

    My 'studio desk'

    Oldest are PAMS demos sent to me at Uni radio in 1972

    Then my VERY first JAM in December 1978 and 1979

    A mug and badge (pin) Jon gave me on one of my 4 visits to JAM

    JAM stuff for my stint on Smooth in 2007

    A ton of Solid Gold GEM AM stuff, 2012 onwards, many with my personal cuts

    And musn't forget our TM 'Good Feelings' cut...

    (and a glimpse of a 1992 GEM-AM 'It's Really Groovy' promo sign)

    image host

    Missing are the 10" reels of Trent 1-14 and GEM-AM 1-5 that I left at the stations....

    I tried to put a portrait on as well ~ but my head would not fit on the page :-)

    Enjoy WAVA !
  • RAVERAVE July 2017
    Sadly no pics from me friend, but never mind!
    Here's one or two of my personal cuts!
  • Not as impressive as Ron's or Len's...and a quickly thrown together pic...
    ...and some items from other places were "download only"... but feel free to click on the pic anyway...

    image host
  • scotronscotron July 2017

    Would be nice if you could "trigger" a small resurgence of those perhaps with a selection of some of your mixouts?

    Ok, I am happy to do a wee montage of some of my cuts, especially some of the mix outs as Iain suggested. Watch this space. Not this space...another space..:-)
  • scotronscotron July 2017 As promised...hopefully, some mix outs and ramps and acapellas from my Jam collection....Enjoy.
  • Hey scotron. Cool photo and nice montage too. I love short, snappy cuts so I especially like the KZZP#3 mixout. Good stuff!
    Len- your collection is amazing. I want one of those mugs!!
  • RAVERAVE July 2017
    Scotron, a nice group of jingles friend!
  • AdminAdmin July 2017
    A few comments from today have been removed from this discussion. Personal attacks are not welcome on JingleMad.
  • scotronscotron July 2017
    Just out of interest, these are my own label designs and not from Jam. :-)