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My Jam collection
  • image host

    I have had a few personal cuts over the years. Time for another one soon.....
  • WAVAWAVA July 5
  • IanFIanF July 5
    WAVA said:



  • Off to bed, sleepyheads! :D

    Anyway, I really liked your resing from Kiss & Tell a while back. You said that Jon noted the vocals would sound a bit different from the original demo, but I actually thought sounded better. Would be interested in hearing more of your cuts.
  • IanFIanF July 5
    I wasn't getting at Scotron ;)

    Nice photo btw :)
  • Sorry for boring you WAVA!
  • RAVERAVE July 5
    Well it's a nice stash, I say you can never have enough personal cuts friend!
    I don't think you're boring either!
  • Thank you RAVE. And also others above. I just found it a strange response from WAVA. It is a Jingle site after all. Or am I missing something?
  • glenglen July 5
  • PKPK July 5
    Your jingles are great Ron (the other Rocking Ron lol?), too right you can never have enough jingles!
  • Great idea Ron - a jingle VISUAL - any other takers?

    I'm reaching for my camera....
  • Don't worry about WAVA Ron, he's just a sarky ba' heid bampot!

    "Would be interested in hearing more of your cuts"

    Once upon a time Ron, collectors would do an "Ego Trip", where they would present a montage of their Personal Cuts,
    or their own DJ cuts if they were working in radio.

    Would be nice if you could "trigger" a small resurgence of those perhaps with a selection of some of your mixouts?
  • That was easy!

    My 'studio desk'

    Oldest are PAMS demos sent to me at Uni radio in 1972

    Then my VERY first JAM in December 1978 and 1979

    A mug and badge (pin) Jon gave me on one of my 4 visits to JAM

    JAM stuff for my stint on Smooth in 2007

    A ton of Solid Gold GEM AM stuff, 2012 onwards, many with my personal cuts

    And musn't forget our TM 'Good Feelings' cut...

    (and a glimpse of a 1992 GEM-AM 'It's Really Groovy' promo sign)

    image host

    Missing are the 10" reels of Trent 1-14 and GEM-AM 1-5 that I left at the stations....

    I tried to put a portrait on as well ~ but my head would not fit on the page :-)

    Enjoy WAVA !
  • RAVERAVE July 5
    Sadly no pics from me friend, but never mind!
    Here's one or two of my personal cuts!
  • Not as impressive as Ron's or Len's...and a quickly thrown together pic...
    ...and some items from other places were "download only"... but feel free to click on the pic anyway...

    image host

  • Would be nice if you could "trigger" a small resurgence of those perhaps with a selection of some of your mixouts?

    Ok, I am happy to do a wee montage of some of my cuts, especially some of the mix outs as Iain suggested. Watch this space. Not this space...another space..:-)
  • As promised...hopefully, some mix outs and ramps and acapellas from my Jam collection....Enjoy.
  • Hey scotron. Cool photo and nice montage too. I love short, snappy cuts so I especially like the KZZP#3 mixout. Good stuff!
    Len- your collection is amazing. I want one of those mugs!!
  • RAVERAVE July 7
    Scotron, a nice group of jingles friend!
  • AdminAdmin July 9
    A few comments from today have been removed from this discussion. Personal attacks are not welcome on JingleMad.
  • scotronscotron July 10
    Just out of interest, these are my own label designs and not from Jam. :-)