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Radio 1 vintage (50th anniversary celebrations)
  • It's been embargoed for a little while but now they've officially announced...
    If 'Radio 1 vintage" will see the return of some legendary jocks, what about the jingles? Will they license some of the classic cuts and get JAM to shout "vintage!"?
    I should point out that I work for the BBC but have no connection with this project at all.
  • Its a bit "unfortunate" that a number of the original or subsequent DJs (NOT "presenters"...) are "in the clink"...
    but I hope they can have a lot more significant "names" than "just" Tony B and the "non-proper-Radio One" people.

    As for the jingles - surely the people who dumped JMW in the way they he has indicated they apparently did are
    now "long gone" from the Beeb, and there's certainly some well-known names within the Beeb production arms
    and associated production providers now who "know their jingles" and would be happy to bury the proverbial hatchet?

    Fingers crossed all round :^)
  • IanFIanF June 29
    Can't see Jon having a problem to be fair. It'll be a good advert for JAM and an education for most of their listeners.

    Slightly off topic, I wonder what the Beeb locals are doing on November 8th this year?
  • So the 50 DJS (having an hour each) to be featured are:
    Tony Blackburn
    Alan Freeman
    Kenny Everett
    Emperor Rosko
    John Peel
    Noel Edmonds
    Johnnie Walker
    Ed Stewart
    Annie Nightingale
    Bob Harris
    Mike Read
    Gary Davies
    David Jensen
    Janice Long
    Tommy Vance
    Mike Smith
    Mark Goodier
    Simon Mayo
    Simon Bates
    Jackie Brambles
    Steve Lamacq
    Jo Whiley
    Kevin Greening
    Mark Radcliffe
    Zoe Ball
    Pete Tong
    Sara Cox
    Mary Anne Hobbs
    Fab & Groove
    Colin and Edith
    Dave Pearce
    Bobby & Nihal
    Rob Da Bank
    Tim Westwood
    Chris Moyles
    Fearne Cotton
    Trevor Nelson
    Zane Lowe
  • I'm surprised top 80's DJs Peter Powell, Adrian John & Steve Wright aren't in that list also :(
    Radio 1 was at it best in 80's, but started going downhill soon after the FM switch on.
    I've only listened mainly to the Top 40 in the 90's until around 1994/95. I've not really listened since then with the exception being 1 or 2 of Radio 1's Birthdays.
  • No sign of my heroes- Adrian Juste and Bruno Brookes, although they are planning to celebrate the Top 40