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Ben Freedman's Instant Radio Station
  • Hi does anyone know if I can get Ben Freedman's Instant Radio Station jingles anywhere,
    but not for $495.00 as I only want them for personal use and don't really want to spend that much.
    Any help would be much appreciated.
  • Um...
    ...having bought material from Ben back then, like a few others I have a full quality WAV copy of the CD set,
    but I'm sure its still fully under licence, and I wouldn't want to break embargo.

    PS - some bits are somewhat naff, but there WAS a huge amount of bits & pieces that he built into the
    bundle extracted from his sessions.
  • nleibonleibo June 2017
    much like Iain, I too have the set but it is somewhat "academic" as when I went to play some tracks from the CDs, they are HORRIBLY "trashed" with exteraneous audio making the tracks "unlistenable"...:(
  • simon_t123simon_t123 June 2017
    I had the kit mailed over in CD-R form by Ben with a multi-jingle order, I so miss Ben and his cheery 'But wait there's more' offer spiel ... I was happy with my sung work from Ben, the IRS is an exhaustive collection basically of things from other peoples sung sessions and orders, muted out station names where you can add voice liners ... problem being the slogans are out of date for use. There is usable stuff there but it's subjective and to taste ... There are many jingle beds in the clear that are useful ... There is a lot of toot as well !!! Ben made no secret of that but faithfully stood by his products ... The IRS is now commercially available by someone like Dan O'Day or a well known US based radio celeb so be wary of using anything from it without one of those hand written licences Ben would mail out ... He was a good man, and the IRS lives on (albeit much MUCH more expensively) with the 3rd party.

    This said I'm sure my licence agreement allows (as an imaging producer) tracks of the IRS to be used in my derivative productions ... which is another way of saying resale ... and my agreement has the words 99 year lease on it ;)
  • wdmzbentonwdmzbenton June 2017
    hey, my first post! I was interested in the IRS DVD but I really hate to spend so much money if I don't know if its something I won't like. I just wanted a couple of jingles to try out. I suppose my question would be "do you guys think it's worth 495 dollars for a low power fm station to just have for some short jingles?"
  • well.........
    if you know what youre doing, and dont mind having 50 cd's worth of everything under the sun, and take your time, you can build up dozens and dozens worth of sung, with call letters & freq, jingles.

    my question thus is; can you tell me of another source for so much stuff at that price?
    i think it is less from ben freedman II at either cpmg or jingleguy productions, and you get extra bonus discs too and a lot of sonovox cuts. google it and see what you get back, then email little ben for details
  • nleibonleibo July 2017
    I would contact "Little Ben" & ask for a content listing--to see if it "whets" your appetite--quite frankly, you COULD purchase "LA Air Force" (Dan O'Day) --quite a few generic cuts, etc--but also somewhat "pricey"..:)
  • MarkSMarkS July 2017
    Instant Radio Station track listings are shown on Dan O' Day's site:
  • wdmzbentonwdmzbenton July 2017
    yeah, after talking with someone that has the set of IRS, I'm not sure it's going to suit at the moment. I would definitely love to browse through actual audio, but not for 500 bucks. especially for a LPFM that's fully supported by my own personal funds. Just not in budget LOL
  • nleibonleibo July 2017
    The list is very accurate and as owner of a now -damaged (audio-wise) set, I can truthfully say not EVERYTHING "pleased" me--but there is enough to "build on" --of course when i purchased from Ben it was only $150--$495 to "speculate"? Not me, either!
  • I am sure when Ben was about it was orignally sold for $199.00

    Anyway for the current price I would say you would be better off picking a package from StudioDragonfly (the low cost TM Studios option)

    You can even split the cost with 20% down and pay over 12 months

    You can get a nice package for a lot less cost than the IRS
  • Only catch with TM/Dragonfly I believe is the "min order of 10 cuts" even if the client only really wants/can afford 3...
    although I think their discount" for Alt-sings of any particular cut is still there (and its a shame iJingles is no
    longer available as that discount option applied via that too although it wasn't too obvious).
    Mind you, the Dragonfly website doesn't appear have changed in years so the "rules" may be different now?

    At least with JAM there would appear to (still?) be no min order threshold, although I would stand to be
    corrected there as WDMZ is still "broadcast" even though low-power "non-commercial", and I'm sure
    whatever JMW quotes for "broadcast" clients will be client-confidential.

    "I would definitely love to browse through actual audio"

    I'm sure there must be someone who could provide you with a deliberately-degraded dub, or samples,
    i.e. at say 32k MP3, in other words utterly un-usable on-air, but which would let you "audition" the material?
  • PKPK July 2017
    Unfortunately when or wherever I try the Studio Dragonfly website at the moment whether at home, work, computer, wifi, phone or 4G I am getting a message saying their website is blocked due to a Malware issue?
  • wdmzbentonwdmzbenton July 2017
    yeah, this is a completely new venture for me as far as contacting someone for a quote for jingles. yeah if it were only like the "time life presents, am gold" type thing, where i could hear a snippet of whats there. I trust you guys that this is kind of hit or miss on usable cuts, of course just the letters and frequencies are more important than anything to me. thanks for all the insight from everyone