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Radio 210
  • Trying to complete my set of 210 packages I have realized that there is much from David Arnold that has escaped me. I only have the longer cuts from the 1984 package and virtually nothing from 1986.....

    Can anyone help fill in the blanks ?

    Please get in touch. Plenty to trade :)

    Regards & thanks


  • IanFIanF April 2017

    There is also an elusive 1988 top up package from David which accompanied the 86 package too :)
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston April 2017
    I've various 210 bits and pieces accumulated over quite a while, but I'm sure more "original" fair copies are with
    e.g. Pete Wilson and several others on here.

    I've still my Alfasound CD from Steve E in 2006, plus various bits and bobs on a C*rl*n library CD which are David Arnold.

  • MikeHowardMikeHoward April 2017
    Graham, Please check messages.
  • Thanks Mike, appreciate that.
  • amigoamigo April 2017
    I would like good quality versions as well. Used to love hearing the DA theme up to the news at the top of the hour.
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston April 2017
    "Used to love hearing the DA theme up to the news at the top of the hour"

    In that case Amigo you might like this quick cut-and-shut edit from one of my old aircheck cassettes, with a bit of DA at
    either end!
    (From the days when "proper ILRs" in the English southern counties did really BBBBIIIIIGGGGG "flag-waving" run-ups to the
    IRN news - "TOH" is a clarty USA expression that didn't really exist on this side of the Pond at that time...)

    They don't make 'em like that any more... (...megahertz, VHF...) :^[
  • amigoamigo April 2017
    Thanks Iain,

    I received the station in Cardiff a couple of just before they launched on 102.9 (which was then easily heard). Always wondered if they ran the main theme every hour with the fader down, or just utilized the different length mixouts. Does anyone have the "all around south Oxfordshire/North Hampshire/Royal Berkshire" cuts? Probably the 86 package with the "reaching out to the hills and the valley now" cut.