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Solid Gold GEM - JAM & PAMS jingles for... 2017 !
  • LenGroatLenGroat April 11
    Well it's taken a few months this year but we've broken a host of (jingle) piggy-banks so are able to add even more great JAM and PAMS tracks to our 'jingle library'. I believe we have (and use) the largest collection of JAM jingles on any UK-based radio station now!

    They are not on-air until May but allow me to first post a new '1960s Cafe' personal cut - I've promised myself this Omni Trax classic for YEARS - and it's turned out PERFECT - what a track, what vocals, what a great transition ... and it fits perfectly with Graham Collins post on 'pretty' jingles.

    THANKS Jon & the JAM team..

    (A classic medium to slow transition jingle from JAM's SUPERB 'Omni-Trax' package, originally created for Magic 106 Los Angeles. Copyright JAM Creative Productions, Dallas)
  • glenglen April 11
    Always the best!!
  • ratnobratnob April 13

    That is glorious. Duly added to my wish-list. G
  • Davey_wDavey_w April 15
    Excellent jingle - well done JAM!
  • LenGroatLenGroat April 24
    If you are on Facebook and a friend of Johnny Beerling's you will have seen he was reunited with Jon & Mary Lyn Wolfert on a recent trip to Memphis/ Noo Aweleens !

    Jon & Mary Lyn flew in especially for the reunion. So today seems a good day to unveil a re-sing of a VERY special Radio 1 jingle, we have JUST received, from the days it was really GREAT
  • Indeed, Jon's trusty M20T was "spotted" eastbound near the Tennessee border on a flight tracker
    ...amazing stuff this internet thingy!
  • tyty21tyty21 April 25
    aside from our own JMR, Gem AM is truly a jingle Madder's station! loving these new jingles!
  • LenGroatLenGroat April 29
    Thank you TyTy !

    As it's a holiday weekend 'Across the UK' ..... here's another of our new cuts which goes on-air 8 May..

    It's from a JAM package I've not heard re-sung. Well done any JMer who can identify it !!??

    There's also a group only version !
  • ratnobratnob April 29
    Got it in one - Country Proud. I love the station logo on this package. Nice choice, Len.
  • scotronscotron April 29
    Am now in the mood for another personal cut. But which to choose!!!!! Still listening to all the Pams stuff, but there is one Radio 1 cut I have been toying with.
  • LenGroatLenGroat April 29
    Well spotted Geoff !

    It's the standout cut in the package - and the melody at the end is only for the 'FKF' of the 'KFKF' call-letters, so 'GEM Ay Em' fits perfectly!

    The brass and drums on it to me sound like the Right Direction package which I also love...