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Pretty Jingles
  • I have always had a soft spot for what I call 'pretty jingles'. I take my hat off to those who have imagined, written and created them. I make no apologies for JAM featuring here more than any other company. Enjoy responsibly....
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston April 2017
    A very eclectic selection Graham :^)
    A few forgotten well-crafted favourites in there.

    Jingles are really a just "tool of the trade" in the world of radio - but it doesn't mean that the ONLY tool
    in the toolbox that has to be used every time on every cut for every station has to be a sledgehammer...
  • enerjeeenerjee April 2017
    When I saw the post title "Pretty jingles" those Beacon and Capital cuts immediately sprang to mind, so it was a relief to then hear you'd included them.
  • petewilsonpetewilson April 2017
    Extremely Pretty Graham.....
    Unfortunately the majority of today's Jingles go out without any makeup on!! :-)
  • jonnojonno April 2017
    Lovely to listen to on a warm Sunday late afternoon as the BBQ is quietly doing its thing and I relax with a beer in hand
  • ratnobratnob April 2017
    A great selection. Thanks, Graham
  • radio_blokeradio_bloke April 2017
    Nice job!
    A relaxing listen
  • LenGroatLenGroat April 2017
    Thanks for a relaxing selection....

    ...the Trent one is pre-Alfa - 1978 - produced by Johnny (Eloise) Arthey - featured Joe Brown's wife Vicki + some singers from First (Beach Baby) Class... it's from the days before I knew to say "NO vibrato please..." to the singers

    What package did the KABL one from please? They had a cut 'Your station of the stars' which I've never managed to track down.

    + the JAM one I got when I was at Smooth (briefly thank goodness!) was from a very under-rated , superb package with great tracks...
  • bossjockbossjock April 2017
    A great listen - thanks Graham :) Among my favourites are the various JAM KOST packages. I have a KOST resing in the pipeline currently ;)
  • radio_blokeradio_bloke April 2017
    Kabl cut was from TM Martini Lounge
  • LenGroatLenGroat April 2017
    Thanks Radio Bloke !