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WNIC New sounds
  • Variety43Variety43 April 2017
    I was sent a link of a WNIC aircheck, and I'm hearing some unknowns. They have the classic Jam logo, and the top of the hour is almost reminiscent of the 80's Z100 sound. Any guesses?
  • mjb1124mjb1124 April 2017
    What's curious about these is that they still have the WLIT instrumental logo, which is what their previous Reelworld One cuts were sung to. That makes me think these might not be a custom. But I don't recognize the tracks, and the vocals sound a little different from what I'd expect from Reelworld (maybe a little more like TM's recent stuff). I kinda like the TOH... curious to find out who did these.
  • glenglen April 2017
    They sound like the iheart Portland Oregon jingles which are RW
  • MarcMannetjeMarcMannetje April 2017
    Thanks for posting this!

    I think the original WNIC-logo (was it Tom Merrimans? WCOD also used that logo at Tanner) is very strong and works well. The cuts are not very musical IMOH (like the TOTH, bass, rhythm and guitar, that's it).
  • kcmikekcmike April 2017
    I think I got it. The vocals tipped me off. The TOH is from Tony Valdez' Big Boom Fresh 100 package minus the Z100 logo.
  • mjb1124mjb1124 April 2017
    Yeah, after listening to the package, you're right. Interesting that they'd go back to a jingle package from their short-lived Fresh 100 days... then again I'm not sure if those jingles actually aired back then. It works well with the traditional WNIC logo though, and creates more continuity with the iHeart80s JAM jingles on the weekend.
  • MarcMannetjeMarcMannetje April 2017
    Maybe they still have copyright permission? Or don't you pay repeatfees in the US?

    We used JAM's WNIC-series since 1999, used them for years and did a total resing with new vocals of all the cuts in 2006.