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"Jingle Voices" - Documentary with Trella Hart, Carol Piper, Terry Lea, and Jon Wolfert
  • "Jingle Voices" is an audio documentary about jingle singing and jingle history with commentary from Trella Hart, Carol Piper, Terry Lea, and Jon Wolfert...sharing their memories about singing jingles for stations around the world, working in studios, and much more...over an hour of jingle fun and information! Read more and listen here -
  • nleibonleibo April 5
    Terrific feature!!!
  • I enjoyed that, thanks for posting.
  • Any mechanism for downloading please, so as to listen later?

  • A very interesting listen.

    Thanks to you, Morgan, for researching and producing the piece. Lots of info we've never heard before, from voices we've only ever heard singing (as opposed to talking) ;)

  • OK, audio can be extracted by a bit of rightclick jiggerypokery to download the "entire page" to a folder,
    where the approx 150 meg mp3 file can then be found amongst the control files and other stuff.

    A nice bit of production work too, and well worth a listen (even if a bit at a time...)

    And collectors of certain vintage will like the nod to the PAMS Copyright Disclaimer :^)
  • MarkSMarkS April 6
    What an interesting listen – thanks for posting!
  • Excellent audio documentary! Best history of ID jingles since the Ken R. jingle books.
  • IanFIanF April 10
    I echo all the comments here. A great and informative listen and not opionated from the host which helps. Well done :)
  • Very interesting and I applaud the effort, even though I found it a little difficult to understand at times. Shame all the interview were done by 'phone. Skype audio would have been so much better and relatively easy to set up. Jon could probably have rigged a 4K video feed too !
  • ratnobratnob April 13

    I learnt a lot from this, and it was great to hear those legendary singers talking with such evident pride about the business.